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The Preparation

This sinking feeling that I must bear. It all reveals before me. Now I feel I am relocating and really relocating to the new city! All paperworks have been finished and I have never been prouder to do so much in a week’s time - commuting from place to place, getting all documents stamped, paying government fees that I still feel I am shortchanged. It gets tiring particularly on the queuing part. I also learned a lot in my eavesdropping on our fellow overseas Filipino workers. 

Then, the new office told me if I have a ticket already. I thought they would be the one to buy it for me. And there was the misunderstanding part. They said they would reimburse the ticket. As far as I am concern, I was not thoroughly informed. Instead of making an issue about it, I hurried to book the most favorable date. At the very least, I can balance the time between send offs with my family and friends, and the packing, and the time I immerse into the new place. But then again I said to myself, I will defi…

Aura Goals 2016

Paulit ulit na lang. There are chances na ang mga isusulat kong mga 2016 Resolutions ay more or less the same nung mga ibang past year's resolutions. 'Work in progress' lang naman yan! Improved formula, parang bagong Tide detergent. Siyempre, feeling ko naman may bago akong isusulat. Kaya heto. 

Tulog Pa More.I am reminded that one of last year's personal goals is to get an average 7-8 eight hours of sleep everyday. Sa totoo lang hindi ko ito naachieve, kahit ilang beses na akong nagtry. Nag average 5-6 hours lang ako last year. Iba talaga ang feeling pag may sapat kang tulog. Una, makakaisip ka ng matino at kahit papaano light ang feeling mo kahit stressed ka! Pangalawa, pampaganda daw talaga ito, according to Science. 

Basa Pa More. Sa totoo lang, sa linya ng trabaho ko, marami naman talaga akong binabasa. Mga government technical reports, kung ano anong frameworks!, mga libro on urbanization, mga batas, mga good practices, yung iba mga hindi ko maintindihan, maka basa…