Muni Munis of the day

1. Summer 2017. Grabe ang init dito. To be fair, mas mainit naman sa atin. But there is something about the heat here. Very humid at nakakasuffocate. Ang pangit niya sa balat. For one thing, ok na rin ito in contrast sa winter since I am still your tropical girl. At the moment, I hear cicadas 'chirping' in the neighborhood at umaabot sa 13th floor, at medyo creepy siya. Malaki din kaya ang mga cicadas. Ang tagal mag cool ng weather. Buong Agosto pa ito.

2. Umuwi ako ng saglit sa Bansang Sinilangan. May official business kami at medyo haggard talaga ang preparation weeks. But I must say I was more than satisfied on the outcome. Minsan talaga or most of the time, work wise, mas naiistress talaga ako pag weeks leading to a big event. Strange enough, on the event day itself, parang ang Zen ko na. Lahat na ginawa ko yata sa Manila event namin. Naging social appointment secretary, naging conference moderator, logistics officer. Ang suwerte ng mga boss ko sa totoo lang! Kapagod pero …

My Favorite Things.

As Maria Von Trapp would have sung, 'When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I am feeling said, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad'.

Iba ang level pag nakakakita ako ng mga notebook. By mere touch of its cover, scan of its paper. My mood lightens up when I see them, lalo na yung with nice cover design. But the most important part is the paper. There is this 'spark' when I spread my palm on to its clean sheet. I get excited what to write on it. Sometimes I get excited by not writing on it, just keeping the notebook to myself, is enough. Pero feeling ko naman wala pa ako within 'hoarding levels'

And so one of my favorite past time is to drop by stationary stores and go straight to their notebook session. I remember years ago, I always had this habit of finding The Perfect Notebook kuno. I had found one at Fully Booked and I made it into an office notebook and it served me well. I guess it was around 399.99 Php. I …

Fair Share

I have had fair share of rejection. It was tough and I felt it was mostly unfair. I could not complain and I could not do anything about it anymore. Looking back, there were times when you felt overwhelmed by biases of some people on you. Simply put, they just do not believe in you. Or if they do, it is a matter of interest for them. Sometimes, it makes me think, Kamusta na kaya sila? How have they been? Those who had refused to listen to me, refused to accomodate me, or simply, who did not believe in me - at varying level of degrees.

I have long forgiven them. For my peace of mind. Besides, I let Universe do it for me. It does not really matter to me anymore. Of course, sometimes, the pain still lingers. Late this week, it was triggered again. I cannot help it since part of my work is still dealing with them.  
I cannot help but think they do not treat me seriously nor a priority. I do not know if it is affirmation from my part. But here came the past reminiscent. Here came the momen…

Muni Munis sa May

1. It is the start of the 'Golden Week', which means five out of 10 working days are holiday here! Like may pasok-walang pasok ang interval. It would have been nicer if I went home. I checked the flight and price as soon as I had known about this golden week earlier this year but Philippine and Korean airlines were a bit wiser in sucking up all my hard-earned money. It was triple the price! So I decided to just breeze through the holiday.

2. May 1, Labor Day. I think about my 'labor'. Lol. Work has been steady yet work never stops. I have never been as busy. Good thing my boss is on maternity leave so there is no unusual stress. Unusual because she has a way of really irritating me. I have not been to yoga in a while which may also mean it is just fine since I only do yoga if I cannot take her stupidity anymore. I look at the calendar and ponder where will I be same time, next year.  The thought of only finishing my contract has been ever fresh. Sometimes, it excites …


Dear You,

'The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are' - Carl Jung

I chanced upon this in a random post. Yung feeling na para akong napalingon bigla sa random quote na ito. Then I began to think how does it relate to me?

Lately, I have been thinking on some things, some feelings, some circumstances, some lost measure, some lost causes. Some things I may have lost somewhere down this road called Life. Some feelings that I could not take back anymore. Probably the zest, the mojo, the groove. Perhaps, the authenticity of my purpose. I try to believe that what I have is more than enough. I cannot ever be more grateful. I cannot ask for more. But sometimes, it is inevitable. You try to ask for more. And sometimes you do not know what.

I can blame it on my childhood and formative years, perhaps. I am a believer in sad/happy childhood theory. The early struggle that I was exposed with. I knew I was different and I felt I always needed to prove something. That constan…

Wish and Rejection and Being Sexy

Grabe. I feel I have been so 'immobile' in this country. In a sense that I cannot just 'travel' to countries that those require visa for personal travels. The latest is Japan, one of my most personal fave! At na reject ang visa application ko!

And I was so pissed off! I could not contain my frustration. It could have been a perfect birthday getaway for me - even for just three short days. Plus it could have been a perfect catch up with Manay Geng. That was the plan. The reason for my rejection - my 'Korean bank account' is low. I have to establish that I am capable of 'leaving Korea and visiting in Japan'. I had a feeling they were laughing when they saw my local bank account statement and to be fair, natatawa din ako! haha. 

There is a good reason to it. I barely keep money in my Korean local bank account since I got here. I transfer most of them to my Philippine personal bank account as part of my savings. Sometimes, when it's nearing pay day, halos…

Muni Munis of the Day

How has it been with y'all?! Char. How was the Valentine's Week for y'all?! As for me, I have been cash strapped for some days now and God knows how have I been surviving! 

So for days, I have been depending on my ever reliable God's gift HSBC credit card for my everyday needs! Yes, in this cashless society, you can be cashless and still survive and go on living (provided you pay your credit afterwards). I have been feeling annoyed and somehow I cannot function well because of this annoyance.

What happened! What did you do with all the money? Did you spend it on someone?, says Bing. How I wish with someone! But the truth of the matter is I over remitted to my local bank back home and despite the fact that I maintain a list of bill payments, I forgot that I needed to pay my insurance payment which would be automatically debited to my Korean card. So I ended up with few cash to barely survive for a week!

Of course I can only blame myself. I promise not to overly save. Napa…