Nov 26, 2012

Coming From A Long Way

I have great hopes that our Exclusive, Elusive and Expensive Dining Single Ladies Club or EEEDSLC will become a habit and go a long way. But it does not not mean we can remain 'singles'. That is the disclaimer part. More importantly, I hope we share the Joy of Eating.

I had the chance to become the organizer as an initiation into the group of some sort which I happily obliged. I made some reservation at Galileo Enoteca Deli in Eastwood. The restaurant's ambiance is perfect for the group - private, comfort, and far from Eastwood crowd yet close to the Eastwood mad crowd. It is the place to be for secret affairs, I fancied. During an initial research, I learned that Enoteca is an Italian word for a 'wine library. That is the reason why the restaurant's interior is surrounded by shelves of wine and pasta.

And there we were, enjoying Italian pasta, wine and the cold cuts, which I believe stood out among the rest. Cold cuts go best with the Moscato wine, a suggestion. A battle of salt salami and the sweet wine aftertaste could be a bliss.

The members talked and talked just about anything, our usual habit, of course from the Heart. From construction to being a twitter personality. From EEEDSLC's concept to Millet's dental surgery ordeal to how I just came from organizing an event with Italian businessmen Thursday that week serving them with Spanish food! I then realize how great my college theater friends are! They are quite successful in their own meaningful ways, they do what they love, they complain like any other human beings and they celebrate and persist amid the odds.

We promise to try just about any good food around the Metro with our monthly meet ups (I imagine we are one of those Ladies Who Dine counterparts of the Ladies Who Lunch, I just love the idea) and yes, we should always don the best attire as per theme.


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