Oct 30, 2010

Refreshing this

This piece was first written barely three years ago. And the words ever remain fresh and hopefully, I can overcome.  

Barely a year ago, I decided to do something I believed could make a difference into my wandering Life. I wanted to put a food blog and it was loosely inspired from the Julie/Julia Project. The movie then was new in theaters. To preserve cherished experiences about food and its taste - that was the main idea. As I was laying down rules, it was becoming more difficult. Should I just write about good restaurants, should I relate it to my childhood. I realized the process did not help me at all. I became so concern with the form. And moreover, my day job has been overwhelming me. And the project never took off.

I am bringing a new 'do into this blog. And I will write about Food and mostly, I will write about Taste. 


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