Jul 14, 2017

My Favorite Things.

As Maria Von Trapp would have sung, 'When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I am feeling said, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad'.


Iba ang level pag nakakakita ako ng mga notebook. By mere touch of its cover, scan of its paper. My mood lightens up when I see them, lalo na yung with nice cover design. But the most important part is the paper. There is this 'spark' when I spread my palm on to its clean sheet. I get excited what to write on it. Sometimes I get excited by not writing on it, just keeping the notebook to myself, is enough. Pero feeling ko naman wala pa ako within 'hoarding levels'

And so one of my favorite past time is to drop by stationary stores and go straight to their notebook session. I remember years ago, I always had this habit of finding The Perfect Notebook kuno. I had found one at Fully Booked and I made it into an office notebook and it served me well. I guess it was around 399.99 Php. I miss having a nice notebook. I would not mind purchasing an unusually priced one. Of course I can be highly selective. I need 'to feel' it as it is luring me to buy it.

It has become rare since I got here, this Finding the Perfect Notebook thing. They have lots of quality notebooks here, for the record. Again, the mood to buy it is rare. I am even thinking of going to Japan just to buy one. lol. But still notebooks is ever fun.

Prophylactic Treatment

If only I could go to dentist each month, I would have done it. When I was younger, the sight of a dentist's chair was most dreadful. I felt you could be at the mercy of the dentist. I had the worst set of teeth and it was losing me confidence. During my early professional years, sabi ko, I needed to do something about it. So I saved some money, braved myself to my dentist tita and she unleashed everything in her powers to make me her one successful project.

The dental clinic had become a pilgrimage with an average of two hours twice a month. After surgery and surgery and all the countless injections, the brace, the colorful rubbers, and all the blame to the universe, it paid off. It was a nice experience after all or maybe I got numb about it. lol. But I ended up liking it.

So, prophylactic treatment serves as maintenance to make my teeth and gums healthy. I used to go to my sister's clinic in recent years. And since I am away, buti na lang may free dental service dito for expats and so I started availing it. Maganda ang equipment nila to be fair. Hindi ito Libreng Dental ni Mayor peg! I had my second appointment already. Pero comment ko lang, walang Tender Loving Care dito, mabigat ang mga kamay ng dental hygienist. No choice. But at least, I take joy the moment the suction is put into my mouth.

Massage at Mag Moment sa Bathtub. 

Na miss ko na ito. Pero ok na rin yung mag Korean sauna then magpamassage. Pero gusto ko na sana yung individual sauna with matching view of the greens, ganern. Ewan ko, ibang level pag minamassage ka na. All the more kung ang gaan ng kamay ng masahista. I miss this. Well, what's keeping me from doing it full blown is the price, an average of 100 usd mga The Spa levels pa lang dito.

Anything about Japan. 

Parang hindi ako nagsasawa sa bansang ito. My default morning channel is NHK World English. I take interest in everything about Japan and its culture, its people. I envy their discipline and their nation's achievements. I would want to go back again and again and just people watch. I like their art and way of life, their persistence, precision, and discipline. Yet they can be most extreme and lonely people too. I am ever curious. I am attracted to it. I hope to spend more time getting to know this country. Lately, I have been randomly youtubing their trains and those 'single living in Tokyo' thing. Believe me. 

The sight of lit candles. 

Therapeutic siya. Some plain and those not strongly scented ones. Kahit isa, with wine, dim light with a book or just youtubing or scribbling notes is bliss, basta yung candle within my peripheral sight. Medyo worry din ako baka lumiyab ang balur.

And so, these are some of my fave. And yes, they are part of my human make up.


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