Jan 10, 2017

2017 and everything in betweeen

Hello. Kamusta naman ang self. 

Heto, I believed I had acquired winter bug virus again. Last night, my stomach was aching. I was vomiting water and I felt my esophagus was so overused. I think I slept around 4 am. I do not know pero parang may ibang confidence ako kagabi sa kasagsagan ng sakit ng tiyan. Lol. Hindi naman ako nagpanic. Nainip lang ako dahil ang tagal dumating ng antok. I could not concentrate doing worhwhile activities like reading because of the pain. 

When I woke up earlier today, thank goodness wala ng stomach cramps. I felt fine but I also felt tired. Ang dami kong energy na ginamit the night before. I still tried to go to the office and planned to have it checked by the doctor later the day. All of a sudden, halfway in my 10-station ride, bumaba na ako at bumalik. I would rather rest. Ayoko naman manghawa ng virus, at the very least. the virus is more infectious when its symptoms have ended na. So, I am taking my bed rest and just about everything in between sleeping like updating this blog. But still thinking whether I will go to my yoga sessions later since I still need Zen points. Lol.

So ano ang hanash sa 2017? Generally, not that much. Low expectations ako this year. Just the basics siguro, like I need to accelerate my debt payments. I need to save some. I need to travel with friends and family. And of course I need to be healthy. I need to support the family. All these require preparation and eventual budget. 

Siguro it is what you do everything in between these things that can make the year more enjoyable. And I feel I need to do it. Like I need to finish a lot of books to read, movies to watch, music to listen to. I also need to write more. I need to continue my yoga. I need to beautify myself. Need to organize my stuff. Need to explore this country more on weekends and holidays. Need to learn more skills. Gusto kong matutong magluto and please frying is not cooking. I guess one year is not even enough.

Well I look forward to it, to be fair. Nakalista naman na. But maybe when you become mature, I feel you can afford to become divorced even with your own plans. Excitement blurs. It is like you're seeing these plans under microscope. Or is it the confidence that either you finish it or not, you can still try doing it anyway. Or am I just running out of really exciting things to do? Resolutions can become so overrated. 

Since it is the Rooster year, and my year. Can I ask for a bit of luck, aside from my efforts, to make all these things happen?


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