Dec 22, 2015

City Dweller

I am a city dweller. I have been 'wired' by the notion of an urban life with years after years living in the city. I love what the city offers, the promise it holds on those who want to make a fresh start, to make it big in the City. I also love the contradictions. Its noise and irony, where some big dreams fail and others hope to reboot. I love this immense opportunity a city brings, not just on economic terms. I love the idea where everything can be accessible. I love the 'diversity'. I love the 'noir'.

In this ever and loyal city I live, I had a share. I witnessed the near grim. I felt the frustration of immobility. I waded in the dirty waters. I laughed with most joy with family and friends. I could stare big concrete when I could be most confused.

But the buzz gives me a sense of high. I can complain when there are just so many people like in the malls but I have always loved the 'sound' of people talking and sharing stories, laughing. The city's narrative is always rich. The sights and sounds, no matter how it gets frustrating, converge in a rhapsody.

After all the excitement this city brings, come night, I retreat in my apartment. Away from all the buzz. As soon as I arrive, close the door, I turn on music. I clean, wash dishes and read through my notes, send updates and enjoy the silence this apartment brings. Sometimes, it can be lonely but most of the time, it is reassuring because out there, on another day, the city is luring me to discover another set of perspectives. Through the narrow alleys, a bargain is calling. A friend in need and you are in the quaintest of coffeeshops. Sometimes predictable, but the city hates too many traditions because for it to become successful, its people need to innovate, to be creative, to become empowered, to deny conventions and renegotiate values. Of course, not all cities are created equal. But with one's perseverance and faith, the city can help make all your dreams come true.


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