Sep 18, 2015

Rule of thirds in surviving this city life. A series.

The bargain for your life.
1. Carry light. Travel light. A baggage is heavier than you think. Choose three most important things and carry them with you. I forget this a lot. I forget how it is to fucking go light. I do not mean Go Light in Life but go light while commuting! I do not have the luxury of car but I can very well navigate this chaotic city with ease.

However, the very least I can do is to carry two heavy pouches of two kind of organic rice with me, or two laptops, or a box of eight pomelos while walking along Ayala Avenue! All of which (though on separate events) I once carried while transferring from one vehicle to another. This caused me every bit of inconvenience and it never fails to make me think what had I done to deserve this. I cannot afford to do those moments anymore unless they are in emergency or I may think twice even.

2. Moisturize. I am desperate for moisture in this city. I have developed a habit for it even if it means keeping a little oil in my face. I have also developed of consuming one moisturizer (or two) at a time before buying another one. I am looking for a better alternative. I am thinking Kiehl's.

3. Keep away from the maddening crowd. A good friend commented that since I am an aspiring 'sociologist', I cannot complain much whenever there are too many people around because sociologists love to observe and meeting people. Not all the time. Well, everytime I get to meet with my friends, I make it a point to meet them at 'basta huwag sa maingay at konti ang tao.' I always love talking to friends and the least thing we can do is yelling at each other for updates. I have developed in me of going into quite and not so rowdy places - museums, theatres, libraries, open parks. It rejuvenates just about everything in me. It prepares you before going blending again into the maddening crowd. There will always be 'pockets of zen' in this city and yes, I will try to explore all of them. As long as they are pretty accessible.


Kimmidoll Miho. Artistic. (From a growing personal collection).
I once thought why is it easy for some people to write something that is either critical, sad or frustrating when there is just too many good things to write about. I remember an interview with the great food writer Doreen Fernandez, who by the way influenced me a lot on the way I look on food. The interviewer asked her, why did she rarely or even none at all write any bad reviews about food? And Doreen replied, it is because there are so many good food to write about and she does not have the luxury of time to write about bad taste. 

Well, I can always choose good taste over bad taste despite the relativity of it. But what I am pointing out is when I am retracing some of my entries here in the blog, para naman na over na sa 'feels'. I am probably addressing this dilemma to myself! Oh well, I cannot blame myself. For one, I have been writing here 'in the moment' and this blog has always been personal and an effective ranting platform. Or else I would have exploded a long time ago. Puwede nga itong pang blackmail na sa akin. 

But goodness gracious, reading at some past entries, I feel I need to reorient the nature of this blog to something light, at least in most entries! Something which I can look back and smile. Something which can help remind me of good memories and thoughts. Because good memories and thoughts help inspire you more! And because there are so many good things around and I feel I have been overlooking them. And in due time or If I am old enough to retire, I will reminisce this blog which should be very different from the way I am quite reminiscing them now.  

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