Jun 26, 2013


Dear Svelte,

How has it been? Yes, It has been awhile since I last wrote you. This month of June ushers in the monsoon months. The weather has been unpredictable. The whole city becomes drenched and people sometimes panic. The traffic is a mess after a seemingly little fall of rain. The routine of some is interrupted.

As for me, probably an under the weather disturbance of some sort. I tend to be impatient lately. Probably of just about anything. I believe I cannot make a substantial progress of my paperwork. A good friend told me about doing other stuff as diversion so as not to be worried even these are your priorities.

Sometimes, it is about an issue of Control. We tend to be 'cranky' because simply, we cannot control most things that happen in some of the most important aspects in our lives. We like to be organized and we set our targets. We want to be predictable and we realize our lives are dependent on others. Say, I cannot control the backlog of my professors. But I can ask her religiously when is going to be our next meeting. I cannot control the manners of other people. But I can choose to be with people whom I like to share my laughs and good moments. I cannot control who will be among us to present in the next conference. But I can submit a provocative abstract before deadline. God only knows if he wants me to jumpstart my food writing career, but I can submit this August to learn some signs. And Thank goodness, this is the month's last week. Can't wait for July.

This rainy season. Just keep the faith and let go and I can always my part in the meantime.


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