Jun 1, 2013

A Project

Here I Go Again. I Miss the Writing part. The Writing It Down Part. It was 2005. I started Writing in a blog. Mostly about my personal thoughts. I just needed to let go of the ‘devil’ inside me. It has been a therapeutic and personal exercise then. Still. And there had been so many blogs I created. I lost some because their domain closed and the most unfortunate of all, my entries. But I also saved some. I will make an archive of them here. Tagged 'archive'.

I will write as briefly as possible. I will apologize in advance if sometimes, some pieces are cryptic.I really do not intend to reveal fully what is on my mind. And forgive me, this is not for anyone’s consumption but Mine. But I appreciate Readers and Friends, most especially, if they make a habit to read. I share this space with you. And I will be glad to discuss with them in details and in Person. 


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