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Some Notes to Self*

*I wrote this piece two years ago in my personal blog. The words have never been truer. 
Dear Svelte, 
Barely six months before the year ends with six important reminders to Self!
1. Do Not Waste time. Spend it wisely with your friends and loved ones and beautiful people who do not suck the energy out of you. Of course, you cannot control negative people and their awesome negativities. Hindi ka naman Magikero. Avoid them gently with civility at heart. A revealing part is this – Do Not Waste Time means Make Time. Make time for the Soul, for the Body, for the Family, and for the Community. Be delighted of the time you have but do not be confined with Looking Forward. Instead, live A Moment while It lasts. 
2. A friend back in the theater days said, ‘When in doubt, pout!’ Maybe aside from the pouting, When In Doubt, Just Keep One’s Mouth Shut for a while. Look at the bigger picture. Look at the implications. Suspend feelings of doubt and convert them into positive energies. When the right ti…