Mar 3, 2017

Wish and Rejection and Being Sexy

Grabe. I feel I have been so 'immobile' in this country. In a sense that I cannot just 'travel' to countries that those require visa for personal travels. The latest is Japan, one of my most personal fave! At na reject ang visa application ko!

And I was so pissed off! I could not contain my frustration. It could have been a perfect birthday getaway for me - even for just three short days. Plus it could have been a perfect catch up with Manay Geng. That was the plan. The reason for my rejection - my 'Korean bank account' is low. I have to establish that I am capable of 'leaving Korea and visiting in Japan'. I had a feeling they were laughing when they saw my local bank account statement and to be fair, natatawa din ako! haha. 

There is a good reason to it. I barely keep money in my Korean local bank account since I got here. I transfer most of them to my Philippine personal bank account as part of my savings. Sometimes, when it's nearing pay day, halos minimum na lang ang balance ko. One case is my previous post. So it reflects that based on my bank account, I barely have money in Korea.

Ok. Lesson learned. I have to have a brimming Korean bank account when I apply visa here! Ipa rebook ko na lang yung flight ko and perhaps wait until six months - para ma prove ko na 'capable' ako umalis ng Korea and mag visit ng Japan. Sigh. This was my second time na ha. One was US last year and this time Japan. Record holder na ako, I will not apply it here anymore. Promise. It is wasting my money. I told Manay Geng na hindi tayo pinagtatagpo sa ating mga lakad outside Philippines. Ang tagal masundan noong Bali getaway namin.

Ok. Tama na ang hanash. 

Birthday week. Nothing fancy. To be fair, I never had as many cakes this year. One from the office. One from the Korean Class [February celebrators] and one from my Ates. Feeling Grateful. Feeling Steady. Sometimes, Feeling the Uncertainty  this so called Life may bring at you. The general sentiments are the same.   

I wish for Good Health for me and for all my loved ones. Good health lang talaga. Tanggap ko na din naman sa sarili ko na hindi na ako 'yayaman'. Ok na sa akin ang konting 'provisions' to get by, pambayad sa konting luho, mga libro, travel mga ganern, mga pakain kain. At magmanage ng isang book cafe where public intellectuals can discuss ideas and plot revolutions. Mga ganerng level lang naman. Other than that, I am ok. 

I wish for my career to be fulfilling, that's for two. Wherever it may lead me. Preferably Home. Preferably with nurturing people around me. 

Don't you know that in five year's time, you will reach 40! Gosh. I know it can be dreadful. That depends on how one looks at one's age. Well, 36 is a sexy number, says Manay Geng. Probably it is associated with a curvy body figure. I may not have the curvy but yes, I can be Sexy and make all things happen for me at the same time.


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