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Ode to City

It has been five months after I arrived at your doorstep, you strange big world. You welcomed me with your winter spell.  It was white all around you, the trees bare, and smokes whirl at random, chimney, breaths, cars, dreams perhaps.

You taught me to be brave because there was no one around. I remember one night, a pain in my stomach made me awake all night. I called emergency but you spoke of a weird language. I waited till morning. In all its discomfort, I promised myself to you that I'd be good and would be content for life if the pain could go away. As if I hoped for any magic. It did not go away that night. I waited until morning. The promise still lingers because the pain did disappear. It was a stupid case of winter virus, the doctor said.

In some idle moments, You wonder how on earth did you get here as if you were just transported. It is not humility I guess. Remember, you Competed for this job and you emerged out from the many who desired to get your post. If there is …

It is inevitable.

Since I got back from my Manila mission, which is my hometown, where recently I moved heaven and earth to accomodate both my business and personal schedule, my preoccupation back here has been all work.

The work has all been piling up. My boss is not helping to ease the situation. Strangely enough, I cannot even complain. I still can tolerate her. I had been trying to make sense out of this complexity. There is no secret to this. We know the drill. In my case, when faced with such ‘work challenge’, I make a to-do list. It gives me a sense of control. And every time, I cross out all items, I give myself a treat. That is simple and efficient and tried and tested formula.
But the inevitable happens. After a long meeting with my boss late last week, she reminded me of the many things that should be given to her. I just got overwhelmed and despite the many things I had done, and despite the list that I had, I forgot one item. And I never really got what she meant. Then I started to panic. …