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Stay in Love

How are you? How have you been?

1. It is beginning to feel like summer here, a colleague said. Yesterday, the highest temperature went up at 30 degrees (in the city). News said the weather broke all-time record because the government issued a national emergency warning to residents not to go outdoors, if not necessary. It was a first time a warning as such is issued since 1932. I received an sms in Hangeul (Korean language) about it. And I asked my colleague what was the sms about since it might mean my apartment studio was burning! Anyhows, 30 degrees? This is way better than in Manila when it can rise to 40 degrees. I learn that the average summer weather is at 25 degrees so the 30 degrees was a bit of concen.

2. It was a bit of a downer this week. After the Bangkok visit, I felt the 'fatigue'. Physically tired at the least. I remember it was Monday night I was so tired and I could not wait to sleep and I slept for 10 hours straight! I woke up still with lights on, with my o…