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Honeymoon's Over

Earlier this week, you received an email from your boss. She said I passed my probationary period 'with flying colors'.  Upon reading, there was pause. I closed my eyes and as if I was waiting for a whisper.  In the email, she said she looks forward for me working in the office for years. Ah ok. 'This beautiful city has been good to me. So far so good', in my reply to her email.

In my first three months in this office. Aaminin ko hindi ako masyadong excited. Yung trabaho ko to be fair, challenging pero gamay ko na. Ewan ko. Alam kong maraming bago. Siguro wala pa akong pera. Pero kahit na rin. Most of the time office-studio lang ang mga araw ko. Kaya Come What May lang ang peg muna. Walang expectations. Ganoon lang muna. Honeymoon ba ang tawag nito? Puwede. Kase ang konsept ng honeymoon, parang pakasaya ka muna. Masaya na ako sa ganoon. But after three months, I guess my Honeymoon's Over.

Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng Honeymoon's Over?

1. Dapat siguro purposive…


Some people can just strike a chord louder. They are not even close to you. It is strange. You do not take offense. You just feel it is Real then it hit you to your core. 
I found out that my colleague is finalizing some details on her Spain trip. She is quite excited, sharing the news to me. She had opened it up and now, she already has a ticket, filed a leave of absence. I am excited for her and we both agree she needs to take that well-deserved and fun vacation. Besides, her best friend is based in Spain. 
Then she suddenly begun to have this reflecting tone. She said something about we, being the oldest in the officers’ group, are not getting any younger. She implies yes, time is running out so we have to make the most out of it. Like travelling where your curiosity takes you. I saw her face with a tinge of sadness, for the lack of better word. So honest and fragile. That tinge, that moment, laid my soul bare.  
It struck me. I thought about it in the subway, during dinner, not reall…