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How is 2015? Hmm. I can take time to reminisce. This is the problem because I can 'forget' easily. I mean the attempt to recall takes time to appear to my mind. I do not have a default setting that brings automatic recall. Thanks to my Instagram account which is part of my memory bank. Scrolling down, I am reminded the many good things that transpired this year.

1. I resolved that for my every birthday starting 2015, I make an effort to go on a silent retreat. To get away from the city life for few days. To recharge. To reflect. To have my Me Moments. For my first attempt, I went to the Monastery of Transfiguration in Malaybalay, Bukidnon, managed by the Benedictine Monks. How did I know the place? I had read about it before, then surfed online, verified some contacts and before I knew it, I already booked a flight and I was confirming the schedule with Dom Martin, the caretaker. When I was there, I could have brought my laptop because literally I did not have anything to do …

City Dweller

I am a city dweller. I have been 'wired' by the notion of an urban life with years after years living in the city. I love what the city offers, the promise it holds on those who want to make a fresh start, to make it big in the City. I also love the contradictions. Its noise and irony, where some big dreams fail and others hope to reboot. I love this immense opportunity a city brings, not just on economic terms. I love the idea where everything can be accessible. I love the 'diversity'. I love the 'noir'.

In this ever and loyal city I live, I had a share. I witnessed the near grim. I felt the frustration of immobility. I waded in the dirty waters. I laughed with most joy with family and friends. I could stare big concrete when I could be most confused.

But the buzz gives me a sense of high. I can complain when there are just so many people like in the malls but I have always loved the 'sound' of people talking and sharing stories, laughing. The city…