Apr 26, 2014


Dear Svelte,

I wanted to tell you how hard it is to write to you these days. Work in the office drains my mental energy and it becomes bliss when I get home and practically do nothing or do some things that will not require much thought. Writing remains to be a mental exercise, right? These past days have been calm and cooling despite the summer's sun. I had some time in Bali with some of the beautiful people I have known. It was light, refreshing, and enjoyable vacation and Bali is a nice place to explore. Though I have yet to explore it more given our time's constraint. 

As soon as the first office week after the vacation came, meetings had been non-stop. You also need to rest after your vacation, right? Take time to recollect some thoughts. I had spent a good amount of time thinking about myself in Bali. I have yet to sort them out somehow but with all the work stuff that is piling up, it may take time again. But I am glad that I got the chance. It is a soulful trip.  

And so this week has been that kind of 'recharging'. So, most weekday nights were spent on just practically doing nothing even as some of my important to-do lists have been long overdue. 

For some strange reason, 2014 has been fast enough that it concerns me. Before I know it, it is already May next week and we are approaching mid-year! Must I panic just because I have yet to make great progress of this year's goals. Nah. I would rather look the glass half-filled. Take it a step at a time and focus and enjoy. Because that is the only way to achieve one's goals. But I have to recognize that I must also step-up. Yeah, I need to do it fast for the rest of the year. And so the next few months, I may be sprinting for the finish. 

Svelte, I have been meaning to tell you. What is it like to feel it? Words do not tell and imagination has deprived me. I have lost that feeling. I can pray to the Universe and I can do something about it at the same time. There is no broken piece. I am not afraid. I believe I am capable. In most unusual summer night and you think about it, they are like fireflies. You hope a firefly can land on your palm and you also hope the night does not end. That is a one good description, though.

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