Nov 21, 2013


East View from Pasig City Hall. Copyright Photo. 2013

Limitation. We all have it. We need to recognise our limitation in order to know ourselves more. Say, up to what extent is forgivable? Up to what limit is your patience? Unfortunately or fortunately,  limitation is anchored on experience. We cannot say we are limited on such until we experience the kind of test to our beliefs, to our system, to our values, to our character. We know the limits of our values only when they are under circumstances. It is derived from some text book. I learned a certain kind of limitation today. It is a humbling experience. I went home pondering what if my circumstances would be simpler. I have to let it go because this was way below my expectations. I felt frustrated at first because I thought it was the answer. But the bigger picture tells me I have become the bigger picture now. Timing was not ripe. I was hoping for some middle ground. But you see, there will always be reasons after reasons. And funny thing is I stopped thinking. Because I recognize the essense of being limited. Being Constraint. Then Mariah Carey saved a song for me, 'As I closed my eyes, steadied my feet on the ground, raised through the sky and though times rolled by, still I feel like a child as I look at the moon. Maybe I grew up a little too soon.' A day is enough and an entry on this blog can suffice. And back to the regular programming still. Tomorrow is another day.


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