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Limitation. We all have it. We need to recognise our limitation in order to know ourselves more. Say, up to what extent is forgivable? Up to what limit is your patience? Unfortunately or fortunately,  limitation is anchored on experience. We cannot say we are limited on such until we experience the kind of test to our beliefs, to our system, to our values, to our character. We know the limits of our values only when they are under circumstances. It is derived from some text book. I learned a certain kind of limitation today. It is a humbling experience. I went home pondering what if my circumstances would be simpler. I have to let it go because this was way below my expectations. I felt frustrated at first because I thought it was the answer. But the bigger picture tells me I have become the bigger picture now. Timing was not ripe. I was hoping for some middle ground. But you see, there will always be reasons after reasons. And funny thing is I stopped thinking. Because I recognize t…

Muni Munis of the Day

Hello there. I have not written any for these past months. Work and 'others' have piled up lately. When I say 'others' - these maybe academic stuff, catchup with friends, familial obligations - they have been tucked into a bundle of demands lately. But no regrets. Though sometimes I get too physically tired but they are all worth it. All I pray for is unyielding energy and inspiration to keep me going.

The reason why I write to you is of course, I have to pay debts to you - I need to write. I need to fill you up. Probably the best way is to enumerate it to you. A run down of My Munis Munis of the day.

1. Super typhoon Yolanda swept us off our feet. There is a national massive relief operation especially in Tacloban, the city that was hit the hardest. Depressing news are filling up the pages every day. Everybody is helping in their own meaningful ways. Bayanihan spirit is very alive. But Everybody is also saying just about anything. About the way government operates its…