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Fortune Favors The Brave

Someone gave me a dare last week. He made me an offer I could not refuse, to borrow it from The Godfather. It was not an offer of new work or something. Something bigger, something more essential. It is a dare and I took up the challenge after a thorough heart-to-heart talk.

The reward is to die for. But I know the reward will just be an icing on a cake. I miss doing a challenge. And suddenly, I begin to rush an adrenaline of some sort. And suddenly again, I begin to doubt. No Doubt. Because Fortune favors only the Brave. It is going to be pretty hellish productive months ahead for me. And that's non-negotiable. And I am so into it.


I spent the whole afternoon cleaning up my desk in the office. I somehow felt productive knowing   needed to deliberately throw most unnecessary files. While doing all the stuff, I could not help but get sentimental, looking back at some of the milestones that I witnessed in this office. I have been here for some time now. Though I cannot ever be more grateful but there will always come a time that you also wonder what would it be like if you are in a different place or in other words, in a different office.

Suddenly, there is some kind of reflex that tells you everything is just okay. I cannot agree more. This office gives me all the necessary flexibility that I need. Its high dynamism though can be both fulfilling and frustrating. But at the end of the day, I get to think, Did I contribute something? Will it make any effect at all? Do I get to look forward to it soon?

As I skimmed pages and pages, I felt they were all in the distant past and there is this sense of 'wonder' …