Aug 6, 2017

Muni Munis of the day

1. Summer 2017. Grabe ang init dito. To be fair, mas mainit naman sa atin. But there is something about the heat here. Very humid at nakakasuffocate. Ang pangit niya sa balat. For one thing, ok na rin ito in contrast sa winter since I am still your tropical girl. At the moment, I hear cicadas 'chirping' in the neighborhood at umaabot sa 13th floor, at medyo creepy siya. Malaki din kaya ang mga cicadas. Ang tagal mag cool ng weather. Buong Agosto pa ito.

2. Umuwi ako ng saglit sa Bansang Sinilangan. May official business kami at medyo haggard talaga ang preparation weeks. But I must say I was more than satisfied on the outcome. Minsan talaga or most of the time, work wise, mas naiistress talaga ako pag weeks leading to a big event. Strange enough, on the event day itself, parang ang Zen ko na. Lahat na ginawa ko yata sa Manila event namin. Naging social appointment secretary, naging conference moderator, logistics officer. Ang suwerte ng mga boss ko sa totoo lang! Kapagod pero ok naman.

I took an extended weekend, that's the reward. So, I caught up with my socio friends and my bff Bing. I also visited my sister and pamangkin. One of the realizations I have this year is now I know the secret to avoid homesickness. Mas okay pala sa akin ang mga five to seven days lang sa Pinas pero mas frequent.

So when I went back to Seoul early last week, I was physically tired but I was not emotionally haggard. I went back grateful, a bit chill, and surprisingly calm. I felt this twice in a row already this year so it must be working for me. I pray for this consistency.

3. Speaking of uwi, after few days after I arrived here, I booked myself a flight going back again! lol. This time, the fare is on me. There will be a long (almost 10 days) holiday - first week of October and it will be terrible if i do not do something about it. Anong gagawin ko dito, to be fair. I need to be in Manille again to show support to my sister's upcoming wedding this December (since I feel I will only have shortened days by December) and of course, catch up with my friends at magpapabakod na rin ako ng lote. One thing is for sure, when you know your priorities, ang bilis lang mag decide.

But then, on another thought, ibang level ang presyo ng flight tickets. As in triple. To be fair, kahit siguro six months before ka pa magbook, eh fixed na ang mga dates, kung may ibababang presyo, konti lang. Tipidity na lang muna in the next few months to offset the cost. For one thing, installment naman ang bayad. Thanks to ever reliable credit card. So I look forward to coming back again.

4. As soon as I arrived here last week, I realize my calender has been filling up for the rest of the year. It can be overwhelming but only if you sink it in. I have the rest of the year to Make It Right. So many unread books, so many personal things overdue, so many things to do. Like, my Filipino community organization is counting on me on the program design. And yes, I am even thinking of looking for another job especially if the offer is long term. I am happy to oblige and try! Keep the faith and be patient. Plan and be patient.

5. Two Less Lonely People. I wonder, at what rate the world is having two less lonely people an hour? Ang daming tao sa mundo, but why do others have the hardest time to end up with special someone. Do not ask me. I do not think I am even capable of imagining the prospect of feeling it. It got lost somewhere and I kind of accepting it each day. But this song is refreshing. It makes me wish to bring back that lost feeling - It will come - and wish for two less lonely people everyday.

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