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Muni Munis sa May

1. It is the start of the 'Golden Week', which means five out of 10 working days are holiday here! Like may pasok-walang pasok ang interval. It would have been nicer if I went home. I checked the flight and price as soon as I had known about this golden week earlier this year but Philippine and Korean airlines were a bit wiser in sucking up all my hard-earned money. It was triple the price! So I decided to just breeze through the holiday.

2. May 1, Labor Day. I think about my 'labor'. Lol. Work has been steady yet work never stops. I have never been as busy. Good thing my boss is on maternity leave so there is no unusual stress. Unusual because she has a way of really irritating me. I have not been to yoga in a while which may also mean it is just fine since I only do yoga if I cannot take her stupidity anymore. I look at the calendar and ponder where will I be same time, next year.  The thought of only finishing my contract has been ever fresh. Sometimes, it excites …