Feb 17, 2017

Muni Munis of the Day

How has it been with y'all?! Char. How was the Valentine's Week for y'all?! As for me, I have been cash strapped for some days now and God knows how have I been surviving! 

So for days, I have been depending on my ever reliable God's gift HSBC credit card for my everyday needs! Yes, in this cashless society, you can be cashless and still survive and go on living (provided you pay your credit afterwards). I have been feeling annoyed and somehow I cannot function well because of this annoyance.

What happened! What did you do with all the money? Did you spend it on someone?, says Bing. How I wish with someone! But the truth of the matter is I over remitted to my local bank back home and despite the fact that I maintain a list of bill payments, I forgot that I needed to pay my insurance payment which would be automatically debited to my Korean card. So I ended up with few cash to barely survive for a week!

Of course I can only blame myself. I promise not to overly save. Napapamura pa din ako sa sarili ko. Nasobrahan naman yata. To the point that I will not save for now! 

'Tiis ganda ka na lang muna diyan, mars' said Aries, who was kind enough to volunteer to send me money at the height of my emotional breakdown hanash.

On a personal note, this should not have happened. Because I should be already a responsible adult. Of course, this is normal and mistakes do happen. But I believe it is different when you are in another country, you should be somewhat more aware. For one, I barely have friends here. And I cannot depend on them at the onset because we have not been close. Lesson learned, I should have a contingency. Thanks again to my credit card. Yes, you can use it even in a convenience store.

It makes me reflect. Back then in Manila, when I was still younger, I barely survived with few cash and I ALWAYS could survive! I remember when I was still a young professional and funny, how I could make ends meet yet still making the most out of it. Looking back, I felt proud of myself.

And this moment, parang I cannot help but to look back at those days. I drew strength from those memories. I may not have the details but the impression made me smile and somehow in awe. I am glad that I look back with gratitude and joy on my 'days of struggle'. Noong walang wala pa ako [by this, I mean walang steady source of income]. I have been in this situation before eh. And I survived! So this time, I am surviving and I can get through this for sure [In other words, how I wish pay date na!].

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