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Muni Munis Independence Day Edition

1. It must be the Thai massage last night and I was feeling lazy the whole day. Pakiramdam ko gulay ang katawan ko. It is as if the massage had sucked up all my energy. I liked the massage to be fair and I will go back again.  But today is one of those days where your body tells you not to do anything and just lazy around. So what have I done so far? reading, sleeping, listening to some kpop even I do not know what it means, and wandering my thoughts to as far as home. Somehow it feels good. Saturday has always been a free day for me. But I hope to be feeling 'productive' before the end of the day.

2. I have been thinking of a new personal project. Another blog where I can hone my writing skills. I have been inspired to 'write'. I have been drawn to this idea to go back to 'writing seriously'. I bought two books on writing! And I am reminded that this is one of my resolutions for this year.  I still write in my job. I still want to keep this blog because this …