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You Live, You Learn

So says Alanis Morisette. What have I been learning so far in this big city? Quiet significant few but they can be revealing for me. Tumataas ang self-awareness at zen levels ko dito, napapansin ko lang, haha. It can be this whole situation that I am in. These transitions that I must patiently bear. I cannot complain. I cannot argue. I think I am in a better position than others of the same condition. But of course, the process is tedious. So here I am, writing, blogging. Talking to myself, in general.

What have I been learning so far. Well, learning is progressive and so far my general impressions living as an expat: 
1.) I have to double the effort (at least for now, self-taught) of learning Hangeul, the Korean alphabet. At the very least, the basic and survival. I remember when my officemate was negotiating with the realtor, they could talk a lot. But when I asked for an interpretation, it was just two sentences! Really? I cannot complain  because there are a lot of materials in th…


Dear Svelte,

Kamusta ka kaibigan, ok ka pa ba riyan? Gusto ko sana magdetalye ng aking mga kaganapan. Pero at the moment, sa totoo lang, after my first week here in this big, strange city and after all the madness that was the preparation, tabula rasa ang mga at the moment feels ko. Just like today, it has been a long holiday here for Chinese New Year. Thursday pa ang balik. Most 'Seoulites' are in the province now. As for me, I literally stayed in the apartment for most of the day, save for some 'neighborhood familiarization' work. Gladly, I discovered few things around. May Paris Baguette at may cluster of quaint coffee shops (Cafes here are everywhere. Literally). May nakita pa akong beauty cafe concept (forgot the actual name). Parang ang concept is cafe and beauty store / service in one. Ano ba yun may libreng facial! Unfortunately, they're all close since it's New Year holiday here. I will have to see them again soon.

And at last, I already saw where the …