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How Has It Been?

1. It has been a while. Well, I lost track. The past months were both hard and easy. It is hard because the work calls for it.  It was easy because you can also get to strike work-life balance. With all the balancing act,  I miss being stubborn. Those moments when I do not give a damn. I do not know what does this mean exactly but it is more of a resolve that I will have to take it in stride under my own terms whatever things I do. I am doing it and it is a bliss. If I happen to think I am on a race track always wanting get ahead of myself, it can be tiring. It will be counter productive. And believe me, a waste of time.  I do not believe in getting ahead anyway. I believe in Growth. Why I am pondering about this, about myself in a race track, about some sort of me running in a marathon? Have I been left behind? Am I meeting deadlines? Where have I been? I am here. Just the everyday life pondering. Maybe deadlines coming from my to-do list - like this blog post, which I had promised …