Feb 12, 2014

Makes Me Happy

Focus muna tayo sa mga Masasayang Bagay. What makes me happy lately? Well, some things can be happily fleeting but they can help you get by kumbaga.

1. I don't know I have this preoccupation to Pinterest lately. It is this big catalog na napakavisual niya. Hindi ko naman siya kinakareer at lalong hindi naman ako naprepressure but you can get lots of ideas and sometimes that's just what you need. Surprisingly, I find browsing Pinterest relaxing. And the best time is Sunday morning where I will get all the quotes I like! Oh well, let's see in the next few days. But I realize that's the strength of Pinterest, yung hindi ka niya ino-oblige. Pin ka lang ng pin. Like and Pin ang peg. And when you go back to your pins, it's almost your visualization of the self. Pero ano bang meron sa Pinterest account ko eh puro quotes lang naman. Pero Ok na rin. 

2. Tennis. Grabe. Achieve ang second straight Saturdays na pagpapalo. Except this Saturday for an office overtime. Pero ibang feel ang nararamdaman pag pumapalo ka ng bola. Ibang feel ang feeling when you're sweating it out. At ibang feel rin pag nagpapalpitate ka na. You feel something's wrong. Shit. Then after few minutes of rest. Palo ulit. Habol galore. And then lalamon after with my best gal Gengkukay. Sana man lang mag burn ng fats pero mukhang nababawi lang sa lamon. Char. Pero kebs na rin. Then your body aches. Kebs na rin. The most important thing is you'll be able to sweat it all out and you are improving and self-affirming, like maganda talaga ang serve ko to be fair. Char. 

3.  Little steps toward my paper. Mahirap. Minsan nakakalungkot. Minsan nag da doubt ka talaga. What keeps me going on? I am determined naman eh pero I  really need that space. Just like what that quote above said. Marami akong nakikitang rants sa Facebook about having difficulty finishing their thesis but they just can't. Of course they can, they can't just find the fucking time! And it's like Me. I can't leave my work because I need it, i'll be left out, it's my fucking bread and butter, it's my source of But soonest, I need to decide and not just decide but decide strategically. I am praying for signs but the signs are not appearing. On a lighter, maybe a Page-a-Day can help. That is why little steps do matter a lot. 

4. Wine. Yung idea lang ng may iniinom ka to cap off your day. Yung idea lang habang nag aaral ka, nagbabasa ka with wine. I believe sapat na rin yun. Hindi naman lagok factor. Konting Paandar lang. Malay ko ba kung ano ano ang red wine. Alam ko lang grapes siya and the more it ferments, the more chances of winning (the higher the price), char. Pero kung nanaisin ko naman magpaka competent in that category, we can get there. Pero as for now, masarap siya and it's a good and healthy substitute for coffee, feeling ko. 

5. Tuloy Tuloy na Chikahan. Ewan ko ba. Parang bumabaliktad ang mga schedules ko lately. Fully booked ako ng weekends since January. Buti na lang nakakasingit ako ng Me time pag weekdays. Ang definition ko ng Me Time ngayon is that Time I arrive in our apartment from office until my youngest sister arrives. Solo ko ang apartment and I love the energy of silence. I have been accustomed to this silence din kumbaga. As for chikahan with my friendships, walang humpay. Sige lang, push lang ng push. Dinner, Lait. Kape. Chika. Dinner. Lait. Kape. Chika. That's all there is to Stay. 

Feb 4, 2014

Try has a new deadline

Promise Me. 

You will prevail because you hold on to the Truth. The Truth will set you free. What is truth. Truth is Love. Truth is Hope. Truth is Patient. 

Choose. It is the hardest obstacle that you will always overcome from time to time, one choice to another. May you choose and persevere. May you choose in the brightest of morning, in the clearest of water. 

Prepare. Life is full of suprises. Happy, Sad, either or. Prepare with a good disposition. Prepare but not to be burdened. Enjoy the art of preparation. Do not Overprepare. Do not prepare for preparation's sake. 

Do not be sad when you are out of options even it is your heart's desire. Do not settle for less. Be happy to unsettle but do not hurt people. Try and if not after some tries, take some rest. Acceptance will be due in the right time. Prepare To Try. If it's meant for you, it will be meant for you. If it is not, how will you know if you do not try. 

Risk. It comes with the price. Spread your risk. Enjoy the risk. Risk only a portion. Guard your risk. Be Happy. Sacrifice whatever the outcome. Risk is a product of reflection. Risk is anticipation. Risk not afraid.


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