Jan 30, 2014

The Galloping Year

It will be the Galloping year of the Emerald Wooden Horse. The Chinese New Year has started. And not too late to review and revise my 2014 New Year's Resolutions. I have made some and I am keeping it by heart. But in between, there are equally important things that I need to do and these may well affect the process of fulfilling my accomplishments. Believe me, they do. 

So, late last night - Chinese New Year's Eve - to my mind, I added some resolutions into my current list. These may seem trivial to some.

1. Sleep. It has been a luxury for me these days to get a full eight-hour sleep. I know I will have lots of sleep when I'm dead! But I need to sleep at least 7-8 hours. Simply because it pays to have a good sleep. I believe it enhances your mood the next day and ultimately, your day's outlook like the way you will manage stress, your ability to be flexible, the probability to accomplish the day's work. I always believe those cranky people around have some of the greatest sleep deprivation. You can't make bawi sleep to be fair. I mean if you have a good sleep, you are most likely to end the next day fulfilled and feeling fine. I will sleep at least a minimum of 7-8 hours at least on most weekdays. 

2. Moisturize. Need I say more. I feel complete when I put moisturizer on my face at least as a morning regimen. A great substitute for a face powder. I realized this must be one of my developed habits. Celeteque is hiyang and it is my all-time favorite. I may also have to try (experiment) some  moisturizers in the market. I feel I am missing out some. Along with it comes the updating of my kikay kit. I notice my kit is not kikay enough but I hate too many stuff in it. So, I need to appreciate the balance and of course, the star of the kit is my moisturizer.

3. I miss my Creative Spirit. I need to wake up my Muse. I have had the great potential to be a creative artist (sabay tumbling). Seriously, I just miss being in the creative side of things. It pays to have an outlet. It pays to have a space. It pays to Create and Share your creations! Maybe a tryout in a pottery workshop or a visit to Angono, the Arts Capital of the Philippines, which happens to be just 10 pesos away from here on a public jeepney. Watching theater plays is a staple. Or going to museums or any travel destinations. Or updating my playlist. There is going to be a lot on these for this year and I will write something about these adventures. 

4. Fitness alternatives. This has been the hardest one to start. I am not a fan of gym but I love aerobics (this is so 80s) and dancing.  I love to jog but I do not need to travel to the next city just to jog. My neighborhood is not even conducive. A little voice has been constantly saying, 'try, try, try.' Enough said. I may just have to observe my diet and increase my 'walking' time as one of the many alternatives. Or playing tennis! I love the idea of feeling your sweat trickling down on your eyebrows and your pores are secreting toxins. I love the idea of a hot bath after a workout. I love the quality of sleep after a workout. 'Try, try, try'

5. I need to Write More. Funny but this process has been extraordinarily bittersweet for me. First, the habits of practice must be improved. And the exercise must be recognized in some form. And I must get published. I must be in the Writing Circle once more, however this means. I must be an opportunist. The patience is immense. The persistence I must enjoy. I need to improve this craft and the only way is to write and read more. I should write in crystal clear form.  I should provoke and challenge assumptions. I should write publishable materials. I like the feeling of being lost in the writing and editing process. I miss the bliss. I had too many during college and early professional years. That Self searching for words and materials in a dim forest. And if you build a castle, all the birds a chirping and all the people shall come.

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