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Keep Calm.

It is not even yet Christmas and but can't help to wait for the next year. Kind of preoccupied lately in recalling my 2013 and I have been sharing my insights to some of my close friends. I have never felt this way before. The kind of intensity to look back what transpired this year. Definitely, every year should have made an impact on your life. But this one has probably one of the more meaningful and decisive years. I have never been grateful in the first place but I cannot call for celebration. I always tell myself the year has been lukewarm for me. It is the kind of year that you breeze through and nothing much happened. But still a lot happened: 
1. My Academic debut. I know it is going to be a long way winding road but I love sociology and all the more I love the discipline that it fosters. I have made close acquaintance with a group that shares our love for sociology. I am grateful for our mentors who believe in us in more ways. We participated in an annual conference and …